One of the greatest and most rewarding aspects of what we do as photographers is getting to know those with whom we work on a very distinct level that is not always seen by others. As photographers who primarily walk the path between art and documentary we get to know our subjects on a plane that not many people do. Our clients invite us in to see their world the way that they do, but at the same time we come from our own creative perspective to look with our own eyes... "eyes" meaning our unique perspective behind the camera, taking into account elements like camera angle, focal length, depth of field, lighting choices, etc. It's a unique interaction with people, it's an intimate look into relationships, It's fascinating, it's creatively inspiring, and it's one of the things that keeps us coming back to this medium of expression each and every day.

One thing that makes that glimpse into the personal lives of our subjects even more profound is when they decide to shoot at a location that is very special to them. And where can you go that's more intimate than your own home? The home is where real life unfolds in a very real way. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand the desire to shoot at a location that is visually captivating, whether it be an urban environment, a park, or somewhere in rural nowheresville. We shoot on location a lot, and there are many things that we really enjoy about that too... shoot, for one, it's typically much easier, photographically speaking. But the intimacy of the family dynamic in the safety and comfort of the home, and the relaxed interactions that come along with that are hard to match elsewhere. 

So... all of that being said, I'm really glad that Monica and Patrick chose to shoot with their 2 boys, and their dog, at their own home. We, and they, were very happy with how the images turned out and with the story that they tell as a whole.

I had a blast shooting Monica and Patrick and their kiddos! They are such a sweet family, and their love for each other was bouncing off of the walls! We got to shoot Monica and Patrick's wedding a while back and it was so fun getting to come back and documenting their growth as a family! 

Here are some of our favorites from the shoot... enjoy!