Back when I had my first conversation with then potential client, Hilary Turner I specifically remember asking, "So, you wrote the name, Drew Butera as the name of your fiancé on our contact form... is he the Drew Butera that plays for the Kansas City Royals??" I had to suppress my excitement when she said "yes". I have been a Royals fan since I was about 4 years old, just before they won the series in 1985. I grew up playing the sport and pretending, with my older brother to be various players as we hit the ball in the yard. I was excited, and I'll admit, a little nervous when it came time to shoot their engagement session. The nerves immediately subsided when I met these two wonderful people. They were both light-hearted, fun, energetic, and kind, and we had a blast working with the both of them.

Side note: I just realized that I never posted their engagement session on the blog, so look for that one coming soon

Groom fixes hair in the mirror on his wedding day
groom buttoning shirt getting ready for his wedding day
do wearing a bow tie
groom getting ready on his wedding day
bride putting on her dress on her wedding day
bride with mother and sister putting on her dress on her wedding day
bride does her hair getting ready on her wedding day
maid of honor buttoning bride's wedding dress
mother of groom pinning boutonniere on groom
groom watches bride walk down the aisle on their wedding day
bride walking down the aisle with her grandmother on her wedding day
bride looks over her shoulder while kneeling at the altar with groom during wedding ceremony
bride and groom exchange vows at their wedding ceremony
bride and groom kiss at wedding ceremony