Outdoor Kansas City Wedding

Lindsey and Dustin were married on June 3rd with their ceremony and reception held at The Legacy at Green Hills in Kansas City, MO.

As unassuming and down-to-earth these two are, we quickly realized how easy it is for them and their entire squad to let loose and have some serious fun... as evidenced by the 200-yard trek/processional through the woods, Bud Light in hand, as their quests awaited the ceremony on the eastern shore of a quite pond at the back end of the property. It was impossible to look in any direction that day and not see at least one or two people laughing! Lindsey and Dustin were relaxed and ready to let the day just wash over them, stress free, in a wave of friendship, family, and joy.

Something unique about this wedding?... well, there actually was a lot, but one thing that stood out to us: Dustin works at a plant nursery/landscaping company and a love of nature is one thing, among many, that they both share. He and Lindsay potted and grew 20+ plants to be used as décor during the reception. They then invited the guests to grab one of the plants to take home as a gift. The couple also put mint in jars of soil for everyone to take home and plant as a memory of the wedding day. One of the varieties was chocolate mint, which is the one we took…yum! We loved how they incorporated their love of nature as such a prevalent theme to their summer wedding... and they would have been hard pressed to have chosen a better environment than the beautiful property at The Legacy at Green Hills.

Their dog, Luca (originally Lindsey’s), was definitely one of the guests of honor. Luca is hands down THE best-behaved dogs we’ve ever seen and seemed to have an old and gentle soul, wandering around loose all day, constantly close to Lindsey or Dustin throughout the day. They LOVE their dog—and everyone else seemed to as well.

Out of all the wedding photography images we were able to capture on this special day, however, our favorite was the wide angle shot (above) of Lindsey and Dustin on top of a hill, holding balloons that spelled the word “LOVE.” The balloons had been sitting at the edge of the room during the reception as an element of the decor, but when we saw them we had to figure out a way to use them! We asked Lindsey and Dustin if they would be willing to go for a little walk around the property toward the end of the night to see what we came up with. The light was fading, the day was almost done, but they were so willing to try it out and see where it went—and it ended up being our favorite image of them all. It’s amazing how often spontaneity can breed creativity!

Lindsey & Dustin, thank you so much for inviting us to be a part of your wedding day! The love and laughter that was passed back and forth between you and your friends and family was nothing if not contagious. Your love for those closest to you is evident, and we were blessed to have been witnesses to that on one of the biggest days and most profound moments in your lives.