Kelsey and Alex celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary just a few days ago! It's honestly so fun and so rewarding to get to celebrate with people as they embark on their journey together as married couples. We love seeing them post photos on their anniversaries and we are genuinely so excited to watch from afar through the window of Instagram as they continue to celebrate their new lives together.

Kelsey and Alex's wedding was a particularly emotional one. Kelsey's mom had passed away not long before and I found myself brought to tears on more than one occasion as her dad administered the ceremony, as her brother played the song "Rivers and Roads" during the ceremony, as her dad spoke at their reception. It's an interesting thing about grief, how you can celebrate and mourn at the same time... how you can be happy and sad in the same moment.

We actually got to reconnect with Kelsey and Alex at the wedding of one of Kelsey's long time friends, which we shot a year later and it was so great to see them again.

A quick note on the shoot: Kansas City is a relatively small city, and when we photograph 20-30 weddings per year, we end up photographing at many of the same locations time and time again. I honestly don't mind that and it's sort of a fun challenge to find different ways to shoot the same Kansas City photo locations. That being said, it's also fun, and a different kind of challenge, to shoot at brand new locations. This wedding was the first time we were able to shoot at the historic Kansas City wedding venue, The Grand Hall at Power and Light. The architecture of that building is something to behold and the rooftop view is mesmerizing. But my favorite shot from the wedding day might be the one featured above.

black and white photo of groom adjusting his tie in the mirror
groom tying dress shoes while getting ready on his wedding day
groom and groomsmen walking down a Kansas City street
wedding dress hanging in front of mirror
maid of honor buttoning bride's wedding dress
bride's wedding shoes
bride holding vintage hat in her wedding dress
bride in her wedding dress looking over her shoulder in front of a mirror
bridesmaids reveal and excitement seeing bride in her wedding dress
photograph from above as bride walking through room on marble floor
bride and groom first look on top of the Power and Light building in Kansas City
bride and groom kiss on top of Power and light building in kansas city
Bride and groom on top of power and light building in Kansas City with city view in background
groom looking out window