Thunderstorms be Damned

Allison and Jaron decided on the The Legacy at Green Hills for their wedding venue. The Legacy at Green Hills sits on nearly 40 acres just outside Kansas City. With the woods and the pond and the pavilion, It's a location that seems destined for an all-day, outdoor party. One potential problem for this particular day was that it was forecast to rain pretty much all day long... and not just rain, but a torrential downpour with a tornado warning just waiting to be dropped.

Shortly after we got there we watched high winds and heavy, nearly sideways, rain pummel the entire area. Needless to say, the bride and groom were a little distraught as they watched their long awaited, well planned, day changing before their eyes. We knew that there would most likely be at least a couple breaks in the rain so we made sure that we were always ready and watching for a chance to get outside. And sure enough, those breaks came. Not only were we able to grab a few photos outside, but those photos came with epic skies, muted (in a good way) colors, and a uniqueness that otherwise would not have been found. A perceived setback turned into a perfect part of their story... and we had the opportunity to document it. For that we are grateful!