Rachel + Stephen

January 30, 2014 Engagement

Kansas City Winter Engagement Session

I don't often get the opportunity to shoot engagement photos in the dead of the Kansas winter, however, I was stoked when Rachel and Stephen decided to do their engagement session on a trip to KC to see family in December! There are a few things about the winter here that I absolutely love: The chance to bundle up, the excuse to drink hot chocolate & Bailey's on a semi-consistent basis, a good reason to revert to my childhood while I tromp around snow and play with my kids, and the love of a well crafted fire in the fireplace while listening to Gregory Alan Isakov. On top of those, I do love to shoot in the winter. Whether it's just after, or during, a snow storm when I'm just shooting for my own creative exploration, or it's shooting a couple who are willing to brave the cold and work together with me to create some beautifully unique images. Not everyone wants to have their photographs taken when it's below 40 degrees and overcast, but I believe that those who are, are in for a treat. I had a great time getting to know Rachel and Stephen and had a blast hanging out with them while we did the shoot. I'm glad that we got to shoot when we did and where we did, and I believe we came out with some pretty fantastic images. So, without further ado, and with no more rambling, here they are...