Kristina and Eric were married on June 30th, with a ceremony and reception at The Barn at Schwinn Produce Farm.

Right from the start, it was obvious that these two had something special. Their first look was one of the sweetest we’ve ever seen as they stood back to back and read aloud the letters that they’d written to each other. After having read, and cried, and laughed, they both turned around to see each other for the first time that day... Eric’s response in particular was absolutely priceless. He seemed to be precuriously balanced on the line between crying and laughing. Overwhelmed with joy, it was as if the emotional side of his brain was trying to make his body do both at the same time. One of our favorite shots is from this moment (above).

The ceremony itself was just as touching, and we were thrilled by the details that Kristina poured into the décor. She did a fantastic job matching everything to the environment at Schwinn Produce Farm, creating a backdrop that had a subtle country / rustic vibe without overdoing anything... not easy to accomplish. It all fit in perfectly! 

And we could NOT get enough of that dance floor at the reception! Kristina was a dancer and cheerleader at KU, so during the reception, she and a few fellow cheerleaders performed the classic “Rock Chalk Jaywalk KU,” followed by a dance party of epic proportions. We’ve never, ever seen so many talented dancers in one room before! That was probably the most fun we’ve had shooting a reception—ever!

Of course, for as much fun as the reception was, there was also room for some quiet, beautiful moments. Kristina and Eric were married on the same day that her parents had been married years ago. It was truly remarkable to see Kristina’s mom and dad share a dance on their special day—and to see the love in Kristina’s expression as she watched them dancing.

Kristina & Eric, we can't thank you enough for asking us to document your wedding day. You made us feel like part of the family, and we were so honored to have a small part in your big day. You are truly special people; it was a blessing to watch you move through this part of your life.

***Video at bottom of post***