Kansas City Winter Wedding for the Win!

I've said it before, but I LOVE winter weddings. They don't seem quite as popular in Kansas City, where the winters can get pretty brutal and it can be hard to be outside for any extended period of time. Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand the appeal of a Fall wedding here in KC, which has quickly become prime wedding season here, when the weather is near perfect and the colors produced by the changing leaves are breathtaking. But there's something about the winter that makes it such a unique time to celebrate your wedding day. Maybe it's the crisp air. Maybe it's the shape of the winter trees that have lost most of their leaves and are left looking like something out of a Tim Burton film. Maybe it's the skies that can be quite dramatic with the shape of the clouds like in the reflections of the windows in a few of the images below. Maybe it's the fact that the cold air feels invigorating and is always a good excuse for the wedding party to sneak into a coffee shop during the alloted time for photography (which is what happened on this particular day). Maybe it's a combination of all of those.

Whatever it is, I love it, and Kelsey and Leif did as well. We were able to steal some great images during the snippets of time that everyone was willing to brave the cold and make it happen.

Regardless of the time of year that you decide to have your wedding, good imagery comes down to being willing to take time, take chances, have fun, and let yourself go a little bit... whether it's 20 degrees or 100 degrees outside.

We had a great time with Kelsey and Leif! Kelsey has old family ties with Loose Mansion in Kansas City, which is where they chose to get married and have their reception. It was a super fun day.. and night. We loved getting to celebrate them with their family and friends at a place so special to them!

Bride writing a letter to her groom before getting ready on her wedding day
Bride reading her vows in her robe as she prepares for her wedding day
white wedding dress hanging in front of the window
bride putting her earrings on in front of the window on her wedding day
bride laughs with her wedding dress on
sister helps bride button up the back of her wedding dress
groom reading a letter from his bride before his wedding day
groom reads his vows as he prepares for his wedding day
bride's first look with her father before her wedding
bride in her wedding dress looking out the window
groom waits for his first look with his bride on their wedding day
bride walks down the stairs in her wedding dress
bride walks up to groom for their first look on their wedding day
bride and groom embrace on their wedding day
groom kisses bride