Jamie and Aaron live in the River Market area in downtown Kansas City. They love Kansas City and wanted to do the shoot on their stomping grounds. I mean, can you blame them? They live in one of the coolest parts of the city.

This was one of my favorite engagement photo sessions to date. I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately... I guess this fall has been good to us: great clients, fun shoots, and people buying me drinks... who could complain, right? I think one of the biggest reasons that this was such a successful shoot is that Jamie and Aaron were both very invested in it. By that I mean, they put a high value on the production of these images and made a huge effort to make them what they were... and it showed (both during the shoot and during post production). They picked out the perfect wardrobe (Jamie even procured a dress just for the shoot), and together we planned out exactly where to go in order to capture the imagery that would showcase their style and their life in the urban environment in which they live. Jamie even had her hair and makeup professionally styled at Posh KC!

By the way, I highly recommend doing this, and Posh KC did a fantastic job! Normally, hair & makeup artists are reserved for commercial shoots and wedding days. However, it makes a big difference on any shoot to have a professional stylist involved. They are "professional" for a reason, and there is a high value in their skill.

This good lookin' couple is getting married next September and we are stoked to have a part in telling their story: