Location, Location, Location...

I first met Ethan and Ella about 2 1/2 years ago when they came into our studio to discuss working together to capture their wedding day. I instantly knew that this was a couple that I really wanted to work with. They were both so sweet, and such genuinely happy individuals, I was stoked at the chance to work with them for both their engagement session as well as their wedding.

We just shot their wedding this past Saturday (more on that soon), and while I was designing their engagement guestbook as part of the wedding photography package that they ordered I was reminded of how much I loved that shoot. It was a unique shoot for me in a couple of respects: One, we shot in locations I had never even seen (in Topeka, Kansas), and two, those locations were both so unique in and of themselves. We started at a historical park called Ward-Meade and ended at an ice cream shop that Ella used to go to with her mom when she was a kid. I’ve said this to many of you before, but one of the most important things when choosing the locations for your photo shoot is to make it personal! If at all possible, choose places that mean something to you. Many of our couples will choose to shoot at a location where they got engaged or had their first date. Some will choose to shoot in their home (we LOVE that one:). Some will choose certain places in the city (or the country) where they’ve spent a lot of time together… or a special restaurant… or bar… or bookstore… or ice cream shop! Remember, the locations you choose are the backdrop of your images and they can say as much about you and about this stage in your life as how you interact with each other in your photographs.

I had a wonderful time shooting with Ella and Ethan. The locations were super fun and these two photographed SO WELL!

… I can’t wait to get to their wedding photos!