Okay, so maybe a little bit less "frolicking" than the title implies, but I can never resist a good alliteration.

When Tyler and Abby decided to shoot their engagement session out in my neck of the woods I was thrilled. One, because it's a lot closer to me than St Joseph, MO where they're from :) ...and two, I absolutely love the scenery out here. We live just beyond the most southern reaches of Overland Park, KS amidst some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area, regardless of the time of year. Fall is definitely one of my favorites, and although the trees had only just started their yearly transformation into their deeply saturated colors of yellow, orange, and red, I couldn't have asked for a better setting for the shoot.

We shot for less than two hours, but were able to capture a very wide breadth of imagery. This was partially due to the fact that all 5 of our locations were within a mile and a half... of course, it also didn't hurt that Tyler and Abby are both natural born models and moved inherently and effortlessly into different poses that relentlessly forced my trigger finger onto the shutter button.